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That was BAT. Sorry, but now it is too late, BAT has been sold.


Unimog U2450L 6x6

Wheelbase 3900 + 1400 mm

GVW 37,000 lbs (17'000kg)

Actual top weight 35,000 lbs (16'000kg)

8 speed gearbox with splitter and low ratio working group, a total of 32 gears

All gears usable both forward and reverse

All wheel drive with differential locks for all axles and transfer gear (rear axles)

Portal axles for high ground clearance

Disk brakes on all wheels

6 cylinders turbo-charged diesel, 240 HP at 2600 rpm

Tires Michelin 14.00R20

Roof rack with branch guard

Crane on roof rack for spare wheel

4 diesel tanks for 260 gallons (990 l)


Recaro seats

Tire inflation system



Self supporting box construction with sandwich plates of fiber composite and polyurethane foam insulation

Access to drivers cabin

Burglarproof windows and hatches

Slide-out for expansion of living area

Table and seating benches convertible into a bed

Large bed in the back

Shower in the entrance

Large storage capacity for long term travels

Vacuum toilet

3-flame stove 

2 refrigerators

3 large closets

Large outside storage compartments 


Technical specifications

Technical floor for water tanks, batteries, furnaces and electrical system

Batteries 24V, 800Ah

Solar panels 24V, 420W

Electrical hook-up for 115V and 230V

2 fresh water tanks, capacity 210 gallons (800l)

10 gallons (40l) hot water-heat exchanger, can be heated with engine's cooling fluid, furnace or external hook-up

2 diesel furnaces for living area, hot water, anti frost system and engine preheating

2 x 24 lb gas bottles for stove and oven

Battery charger and converter

Radio with CD player

Model 1998, approx. 105.000 miles

1st owner

licensed and stored in Canada